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I Work With You to Create a Custom Nutrition Plan & Healthy Habits

We work with each customer to give them a personalized diet plan that will ensure they follow the program for a long run. In dieting and weight management, its important to stay disciplined and motivated for a period of few months. Just dieting for 1-2 days won’t do and thats where all the fad diets go wrong.


Weight Loss

Come and step into the journey of you attaining your weight goals. The end result will be really worth it !


Lifestyle Management

Getting fit is not a one time affair. It requires a change in your lifestyle, which will definitly give you more benefits than just weight loss !


Weight Maintenance

Advice on how to maintain your optimal weight over a long period of time.

Real Results

Custom Plans & Coaching for Your Specific Goals

Consult with us to get your program started !

My Story


I completed M.Sc in dietetics and nutrition from Madras University in 1989. Ever since then I have been consulting with people for all sorts of weight management issues. Many people come to me after struggling a lot with their weight, having tried out everything they have heard of from websites or books. Unfortunately, their information is in bits and pieces and it doesn’t give them any benefit. It gives me immense pleasure to  put people on the right track when it comes to food and lifestyle and to see them attain their goals. For many of them, it is an unbelievable acheivement and their happiness knows no bounds. By now, I have consulted and helped thousands of people  realise their life goal.

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