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Learn How To Eat Healthy Without Starving

Most people’s idea of dieting is to starve themselves temporarily. This is totally wrong and has serious repercussions.  The body needs all types of vitamins, minerals and also carbohydrates, fats and proteins within a certain proportion. Years of knowledge and experience have helped us to tailor a completely do-able and easy to follow diet plan which our clients can follow without feeling lethargic or weak. You can follow our comprehensive diet, feel energetic, and still lose weight consistently.

Having Trouble Finding a Nutritous Balance?

You’re Not Alone. And I’m Here to Help!

A healthy diet is about getting all the different nutrition the body needs, while consuming a variety of foods. And all this while limiting calories based on the weight and gender of the person. We provide regular follow-ups where we modify the diet constituents so that boredom does not set in.

How I can Help

Our consultation covers the below aspects. I also provide video consultation for those cannot visit personally.

Food Advice

A primer on foods nutrition which helps you understand good foods.

Healthy Weight Gain

Helping you add weight healthily, by not putting on the wrong weight (fat).

Ready Made Foods

Ready made foods which will help you add good nutrition to your diet.

Weight Management

Helping you reach your ideal weight and maintain it after.

Customer Specific Diets

Our plans are tailor made based on your culture, tradition, eating habits, and preferences. We believe that including food from your culture is the only way you can maintain the diet in the long run. 

About Ms. Gomathy Gowthaman

Dietitian cum Nutritionist – 28 Years Experience

One of the leading dietitians in Chennai, I have helped 1000s of people over the last 28 years get healthy and feel more confident about themselves. My diet has also helped many people overcome their underlying health problems like diabetes, blood pressure, anaemia, PCOS, food allergies, etc  

My Approach

I treat each person differently. I take time to listen to their health problems and weight management problems. Body measurements are taken to understand current state of health and arrive at the desired state of health. I also observe each persons cultural affinities and hence their food preferences. 

My Process

You will be given general food advice, good lifestyle habits to keep your metabolism in good shape and also advise on potion control. Further diet plans will be provided with regular follow ups. A constant endeavour is made to ensure that you get complete and balanced nutrition and just the right amount of calories

Unique Formula

Weight management does not end  on reaching the target goal. You must know how to maintain it for the rest of your life. You must never go back to the previous weight struggle that you came from initially. My unique methods which I have perfected over 3 decades of practice help you to lose the weight, and also to maintain it permanently.

My Videos

Expert Tips On Weight Management

Calculate Your BMI Today

Send us your height, weight and gender. We will calculate your BMI and let you know where you stand. 


I started consultaion with Dr Gomathi but as i have informed her that i am going to fly to another city for some official work so i have not started with the diet plan yet. She asked me to come after returning back to the i have not much about to say. She was very good in behaviour. she was encouraging me to reducing the weight by the home made food and she insured me that she will provide me the diet from the home made diet only.The session with her was very interactive and informative too.She was honest about the things she was not playing around. I like the clarity what was there in her session..”

Bharathiraja Elangovan

“Dr.Gomathi is a wonderful resource about knowing the diet and health plans. She has good experience in her practice as a dietitian. What I like about her as a resource is her ability to approach the topic of diet and exercise from multiple perspectives. Each time her I visit I get a reset on my approach to healthful diet. Very knowledgeable about many different aspects of diet. Not only weight loss – but managing energy levels, a reasonable approach to vitamins and nutrition. Highly recommendable as a counselor and professional dietitian”


“I am a long distance runner and a good eater.  I used to run around 30 km per week but never counted what I was filling into my stomach. I sweat a lot and felt fit albeit my hip size was 36 inches. Met with an minor accident which lead to ACL reconstruction and my legs were tied, with wide open mouth. I was 86 kg on 11th Nov 19, reduced to 67kg on April 20 without exercises. Thanks a lot Ms.Gomathy mam for guiding me in this journey. The experience of you made my weightloss journey possible without any hurdles. You were guiding me in pandemic time over WhatsApp to finish it off. Now it become habit to eat right and conscious what I am taking. Myself and operated leg thanking you to make us feel light?? . Thank you Madam.”


“Nutritionist Gomathy Gowthaman is good . She is incredibly engaged during our sessions. I feel completely supported and understood while talking with her. Not only is she totally awesome, she also has given me multiple easy and fun recipes to try at home!.”

Shruti V

“I reached my ideal weight after pregnancy reaching my goal was really tough but this diet was easy to follow and I reached it”


Gomathy gowthaman clinic was so good and friendly towards their clients and I lost my weight with her guidance easily

Balamuthu Kumaran

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How it Works!

How Fast Can I Lose Weight ?

I can specify this after I assess your current state of health, body composition, food habits, lifestyle, etc. It also depends on the motivation you maintain throughout the course. Normally, you should be able to lose 10kgs in 2-3 months. 


I do take extra care to ensure the diet plan I specify does contain the normal healthy foods that you are used to eating every day. 


A little bit of exercise does not hurt and could actually help you stay motivated to complete the course. 


Yes, I do consider any underlying health conditions and ensure that my diet plan does not make it any worse, but if possible makes it better.


Many diets are available which give benefits in the short term. My diet plans do no compromise on any particular nutrition. Your body needs and should get all the different nutrition possible. Only then can you lose weight and stay fit for long time.


I do endeavour to equip you with the knowledge and practices required to keep your weight optimal even after the course. Although, it will also require some amount of motivation from your side. .

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